Musical Chimes Tiny Tot Spinner, Animal Spinner Carousel Animal Merry Go Cycle Spring School Bus 6 Seater preschool adventure school bus playset Spring bouncer Merry go cycle kids outdoor playset clock kids outdoor education playset fire truck commercial playground equipment for kids train playground playset for children 2 Deck System Structure 4 Deck System Structure

Commercial Playground Equipment kids Outdoor Playsets sale

  • Carousel
  • Spring Fire Truck
  • Mini Merry Go Cycle
  • Gus The Bus
  • Tiny Tot Spinner
  • 4 Deck System Structure
  • Xylophone
  • Perfect Spring Bouncer for Children
  • Merry Go Cycle
  • Spring Bus 6 seater
  • Spring Ice Cream Truck
  • Mini Me Car
  • Jeep
  • 2 Deck System Structure

Commercial Playground Equipment & Playsets for Kids Outdoor Adventure

A playground is one of the most fun and adventurous outdoor places for kids, toddlers - all growing children, and that is why most preschools, daycares, churches and grandparents have commercial playground equipment playsets in the backyard or a designated playground area.

Although there are indoor playground playsets, most of America's playgrounds are found in the outdoors, at parks and schools for children between ages 2 - 12 (pre-kindergarten, kindergarten & elementary school).

Factory Direct Playground (directly from the manufacturer) provides safe, durable, playground equipment and playsets through quality design and manufacturing standards. Designing, manufacturing, selling, and installation and delivery of all kids equipment is what makes us the best choice for your playground needs. Your kids’ safety and fun on the playground are our top priority.

FREE installation and delivery may be available on orders over $1000. Please call to see if you qualify (866-784- 9400).

We are one of the best manufacturers in outdoor adventure playsets, playhouses, swing sets and accessories, playground mulch landscape structures, backyard and commercial equipment made from metal, plastic, refurbish material and some wood. Whether you are looking for soft play playground equipment structures, accessories and parts trains, merry go cycles, chain replacement swings, attachment brackets or slides and seat platforms we can help you create and maintain a safe and fun-filled adventure play area for children.

Playground Equipment News

» Jackman Park to receive over $600,000 for renovations
» Bicentennial Park New Equipment
» $79,000 grant money received by Eliza Miller Primary for new play equipment
» Green Bay Packers Gave $10,000 to Mcauliffe Elementary for New Playground Equipment
» Installation of new playground at Emerald Park
» Tracy's North School New Playground Equipment after arson
» Chadick Park to receive new playground equipment

Before a school selects a set of outdoor play equipment, it should first consider its budget. At Factory Direct Playground we product financing to ease the cost of purchasing playsets. At times we do have commercial playground equipment on sale. Occasionally, we will have used commercial play systems as well. We are open to work with the school to identify the right right equipment and accessories for its budget.

Our structures can be categorize as toddler playsets (ages 6 months - 23 months), soft play equipment (ages 2-5) and the more larger structures like merry go cycle and super deluxe slides and swings (ages 5-12).

If you are in charge of buying kids toys and recreation fixtures for children, a grandparent or a church administrator give us a call. We will work with you to create a safe and adventure fun-filled area for your kids.

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Factory Direct Playground provides for sale commercial playground equipment and adventure playsets to preschools, day-cares, elementary schools, churches and parks. Many of our structures are made from refurbish material, metal, plastic, recycled plastic and comes primarily in yellow, red, blue, and green colors. We provide special financing to help with the cost of purchasing our outdoor adventure playsets - soft playsets, residential or commercial playground equipment for kids.