5 Seat Circle Cycle kids Playground Equipment

circle cycleThis must have for your playground, the 5 seat Circle Cycle also called the Merry Go Cycle is made up of strong steel and constructed for maximum safety and kids fun adventure.

The play equipment is an awesome play structure that help kids development team work and coordination skills. The circle cycle is wonderful for building and strengthening muscles, motor skills and kids cooperation as all five kids work together to keep the cycle moving.

The Circle Cycle equipment can easily fit in your backyard and is easy to install. However, if you are not comfortable with installation, the playset manufacturer can install it for you.

The wheels are strong, however they are lightweight allowing the kids to easily peddle and churn on. What's also fantastic about the Circle Cycle is that it works in reverse, giving kids another element of adventure.

The Circle Cycle ships unassembled with installation instructions. It is both an outdoor and indoor playground equipment that requires little space and is ideal for daycares, schools, churches, parks, backyards and recreation facilities.

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