5 Seats Merry Go Cycle - five seats Circle Cycle Playground Equipment

play equipment merry go cycleOne of fun things for parents is to watch their children having an adventure with the 5-seats merry go cycle / circle cycle, a small version of the merry go round. The five-seater is perfect for pre-K, churches and daycare playgrounds. Up to five kids can ride the merry go cycle at a time. It teaches them team work, strengthen their muscles and they learn how to work with each other to keep the merry go cycle moving.

The five kids peddle the merry go round in circles while at the same time cycling their own cycle. It is not only less expensive than the merry go round, it is also easier to maintain and can fit easily in anyone\'s backyard. This playground equipment is built to withstand the hot to cold weather of summer and winter and can be used for both residential or commercial purposes.

This equipment is so manageable that it can also be used as an indoor play-set during rainy days. The 5-seater merry go cycle is safe with anchors placed round the cycling area to keep the equipment sturdy. Break-downs are not expected as this is made on strong steel, but in the case of break-downs, Factory Direct Playground does provide replacement parts and servicing for all playground equipment.

If you are looking for a used 5 seat merry go cycle, we occasionally have them at the factory. Give us a call, we might be able to find one for you

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