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See SawsSeesaws, also called teeter-totters, have entertained children for generations. Classic versions of this playground staple consisted of little more than a long wooden plank with a couple of metal handles bolted to each end. This simple design, combined with a basic lever and fulcrum setup, was all it took to provide kids with hours of laughter and delight.


But like most everything else in the world, seesaws have changed with the times. For example, many seesaws are now set on rockers to help reduce the sudden impact felt when one rider jumps off without warning. Others feature springs at the fulcrum point for a smoother ride or boast seating for four kids instead of the usual two. No matter what kind of seesaw you want for your playground, whether a traditional two-seater, rocker seesaw, or multi-rider spring seesaw, you can get it for less from Factory Direct Playground. Contact us today for more information.

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