Commercial Toddler Outdoor Playground Equipment

toddler playground playsetAccording to Wikipedia, a toddler is a child between the ages of 1 - 3years. Most children puzzle solving, mobility and climbing skills start development during the toddler stage. Factory Direct commercial Playground manufacturing facility is designed to create fun, adventure structures for toddlers that help them improve physical, emotional and cognitive skills and social interaction.

The factory playground fun hoops, swings and slides, climbers and crawlers are fascinating to toddlers as they explore, and create friends. Factory Direct play structures and playsets are design to help toddlers transition to bigger play-systems like the deluxe activity center. Factory Direct tailored option makes toddler outdoor adventure even more fun.

Our playsets create just the right atmosphere for toddlers from 1 year all up to the age of 5 and beyond. In addition, safety is a major factor in the construction of our toddler playground equipments. To ensure that our toddler playground equipment is up to the highest safety satisfaction, we adhere to the strictest industy standards set by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Every one of our toddler commercial playground equipment is designed to ensure that the emotional and social needs (teach team work, coordination and friendship) of toddlers are met and that daycares, childcare centers and preschools will find them easily incorporated into their facility. We recognize that each equipment should stir the imagination of each child attending a children facility.

Factory Direct offer free shipping and installation of playground for toddlers. It depends on the location and the amount purchased. However, most of our equipment comes with a guide and are easy to install and incorporated in any playground.

Whether you are interest in the mini circle cycle or a slide with many fun features we can help you find the right equipment for your toddlers to reduce falls and help to prevent or minimize physical injuries.

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