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Playground SwingsSwings have been a playground standard for decades. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but their purpose is always the same: to provide kids with the kind of high-flying, heart-pounding thrill ride that other park structures simply can't deliver. It's no wonder, then, that swings are one of the most popular attractions in any playground and are among the first places children flock to upon arrival. The benefits of swing sets don't begin and end with the fun factor, however. They are also highly beneficial from a developmental standpoint. They help children improve vital social, cognitive, and motor skills, including better balance, coordinated movement, and cooperative play. The modern A-frame, toddler, and tire swing sets offered by Factory Direct Playground are manufactured with safety as the top priority. They are made from top quality materials and feature galvanized hardware, metal chains, and metal poles and joints for superior stability. Secure anchoring hardware and high weight-bearing capacities further ensure that safety and fun go hand-in-hand with these products.

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