Factory Direct Playground Mulch

playground mulchWith as much physical activity that goes on at a playground, slips, falls, tumbles, and other accidents are inevitable. But the last thing you want is for a serious injury to spoil the fun, which is why the mulch you use for exposed surfaces is such a critical part of overall park design. Although there are many types of playground mulches to choose from, the best products boast the following characteristics:

• They are made from safe, non-toxic materials

• They are soft enough to help prevent injuries, yet firm enough to allow easy access for strollers, wheelchairs, and similar equipment

• They permit rainwater to pass through instead of accumulating in puddles

• They are aesthetically appealing Factory Direct Playground can help you find mulches that meet and exceed the above criteria, all for a price that won't strain your budget. Call us today to discuss your specific requirements and to receive personalized product recommendations for your playground.

Our Rubber Mulch comes from PLAYSAFER Rubber Products company,  Rubbercycle, LLC

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