Factory Direct Playground Structures

Playground Structures Nothing sets the tone of a playground like the play structure. This is the main activity hub towards which all children will immediately gravitate as soon as they enter the park. Because of its prominence, the play structure must be visually attractive and contain a variety of fun and challenging features. At Factory Direct Playground, we offer some of the safest, most durable play structures around. Our units are available with single or multiple decks, numerous access points, slides with various bed-way styles, and other popular components. Covered destination decks and lookout bubbles provide additional opportunities for children to take a break in the shade or socialize with friends. All of our products are made in the USA with quality materials to deliver long-lasting, low-maintenance performance. Of course, the kids may not notice the solid construction or American craftsmanship of our play structures, but they will certainly appreciate the fun and creative designs.

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