How It Works

How does all of this work?

  1. You find what you want on web site (our's or any of our competitors)
  2. Fill out our form or give us a call with the items you want.
  3. We provide you with a "to your door price" within 1 hour of your request.


Q: How can you get a better price on a piece of playground equipment if you don't manufacturer the item? A: We don't have any on on-site sales reps (at your school, day care, church, etc...). This is the single biggest expense of any playground equipment retailer. Cutting out that cost by utilizing the internet allows us to pass on significant savings direct to you. Q: How can you afford to ship the equipment to my door at no cost? A: Our parent company (Playtime US) has sales reps that travel throughout the Continental United States so it's very easy for us to redirect on of those reps to your place of business. Plus it saves them a lot of hassle and time as we can coordinate delivery easier and ensure all your equipment is delivered and installed by a professional we trust. Q: How can you afford to offer a lifetime warranty on all of the equipment you sell when you don't manufacturer all of it yourself? A: We're pretty selective with all of the equipment we sell and only carry the best equipment & parts from the best manufacturers. Because we have lifelong relationships with these companies, we're able to surpass the warranty they provide. Additionally, business 101 teaches you that a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush and our customers are beautiful birds. We'd rather keep you as a customer for life than see you go to a competitor and pay more than necessary. Q: If you're placing an order from other manufacturers in order to fill my order, will it be shipped directly to my door or to your's? A: We ship all of our orders direct to your door using our own in-house trucking company.

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