Made In The USA Indoor Outdoor Play Structures

The United States produces some of the best quality products in the world. Buy from a US manufacturer and your product is likely to last for years, and with a freedom from fear that dangerous chemicals were used in the manufacturing process. Factory Direct Playground parent company, Playtime Playground Equipment of Alabama manufacturers all of its playground equipment in Falkville, Alabama

The company's play structures are made from metal, plastic and wood. Most of the play structures are made from high grade steel to ensure the safety of your children. Most of its playground structures are made for outdoor play adventure for grade 2 and 3, elementary all up to age 12 years. However, some of its equipments can also be used indoors. The merry-go-cycle or the circle cycle, a more manageable version of the merry-go-round can be used indoors as well. This is a perfect, low cost structure for use during the winter season.

The commercial playground equipments that the company makes are the quintessential American play structures with modern features. The kind that made your dad take pictures of you while at the park; the one that can transform your favorite park or school playground and make it better. Inventory includes the sypder rider, deluxe activity playsets, fun hoop, swings, slides and crawlers.

The company dilevers is products to all 50 states and work with schools, churches and recreational facilities on reduce prices, free shipping and free installation - benefits a foreign manufacturer is not willing to give.

The company works with local schools and daycares to provide a 100% in-house financing at a hassle-free rate.

School funding can be tight so the company works with authorities in starting a campaign to raise money for playground equipment. Many schools raise funds by selling Christmas Wreath, doing a baking sale, 5k run fundraiser,  auctions, music concerts or work with grant funding agencies like Kaboom, Mcdonalds or local county or city government. 

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