Merry Go Round Replacement Parts From Factory Direct Playground

commerical playground partsMerry go rounds are among the most popular attractions at any commercial park. Their ability to accommodate many children at once, combined with their better than average fun factor, ensures that they never stand idle for very long. As a result of this heavy usage, they are susceptible to a great deal of wear and tear.

Because most merry go rounds are capable of spinning at relatively high speeds, periodic maintenance inspections and timely repairs are critical for safe operation. If you notice any irregularities in the equipment's performance, such as tilting or wobbling, or if you hear unusual grinding or clicking sounds, then you likely have to order replacement merry go round and merry go cycle parts to fix the problem.

Factory Direct Playground gives you an easy and convenient way to buy new bearings, bushings, bolts, shafts, brackets, handrails, and other frequently used merry go round parts from top manufacturers in the industry. Call us today to discuss pricing and delivery options for your order. (866)784-9400

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