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Climbing playground structures. All kids love to climb. It started with trees and now almost every playground has multiple climbing walls, ropes, ladders and all types of climbers for the kids to test their skill and gain playful feelings of accomplishment. Play structures often feature incredible climbers as part of their structure sometimes leading to a platform and stairs that lead to slides.Young children have a natural instinct for climbing. They love to scramble up trees, ladders, ropes, climbing walls, and other surfaces to reach higher ground and gain a new perspective on their world. playground climber That's why your playground isn't complete until you install climbing equipment. Climbers are a fun way for children to build strength and develop hand-eye coordination as they use different muscle groups to navigate up, down, over, and across the structure. This type of playground equipment also promotes goal planning and better spatial awareness as kids must mentally plot a course that will take them to their desired destination. Factory Direct Playground sells a variety of climbers suitable for all age groups. We carry both standalone climbers and modular units that can be attached to larger play structures to serve as access points to landing decks, slide towers, and more.

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