Playground Landscape Timbers Factory Direct

In order to attract visitors, public playgrounds have to offer something more than just jungle gyms and swing sets. They must also be well maintained, with particular attention paid to keeping the play structures in good working order and the grounds neatly groomed. This is where landscape timbers can help. Landscape timbers are both functional and decorative. They serve as edging for walkways, flower beds, and the play area itself, and are great for containing loose surfaces such as mulch or wood chips. playground mulchLandscape timbers for commercial playgrounds rarely resemble actual wood now. Instead, they're made of recycled plastic, molded rubber, composites, and similar materials that are both durable and environmentally friendly. They are available in various finishes, including faux stone and brick, to give them tremendous visual appeal in addition to practical functionality. To learn more about landscape timbers, including information about styles, dimensions, and installation tips, contact Factory Direct Playground today.

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