Playground Shade Structures at Huge Discounts

add shade to your playgroundOne of the biggest hazards children face when playing outdoors is overexposure to the sun. In its mildest form, overexposure might lead to sunburn or blistering and peeling skin. In more severe cases, it might lead to headache, dehydration, or even heat stroke. Neither scenario is desirable, which is why every playground should feature shade structures. Shade structures provide excellent protection against the sun and rain all year round. They are typically made of durable, lightweight materials, such as weather-resistant nylon and water-repellent fabric, to block out the elements. This helps keep covered areas noticeably cooler and drier than uncovered spaces, which in turn makes it possible for kids to enjoy the playground equipment and other park amenities for longer periods. Standalone shade structures are available in large sizes that can be erected over the entire park or in smaller sizes meant to cover individual play structures only. They come in a variety of shapes and colors that can be easily integrated into your existing playground design, and they may be customized as well. Call us today to learn more about purchasing shade structures for your playground.

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