Riding Toys Factory Direct Playground

Playground Spring RidersRiding toys are a perennial favorite among the 5-and-under set. Since these spring-action toys don't require users to possess advanced motor skills or highly developed physical coordination, they are ideal for preschools, nurseries, daycare centers, churches, and parks that cater to a younger crowd. Outdoor riding toys come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They are available in virtually any vehicle or animal form, from school buses and horses to fire engines, elephants, ice cream trucks, and other appealing designs. Many riding toys are large enough to allow multiple children to play together simultaneously. This encourages cooperation and creativity, as the kids designate various roles to each other and craft intricate stories to act out. Large capacity spring riders also cut down on bickering and tears since there's no need to argue about whose turn it is next. To order splinter-free riding toys with durable fiberglass bodies and powder-coated springs, call Factory Direct Playground today.

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