The Climber for Kids Playground Adventure

Putting up a nice playground for your children requires you to invest in well-crafted playground equipment. To have an idea, you can go to various parks and playgrounds near your area. In these places, you often find a climber. This is something that you have to include in your list. Having a climber in your playground adds life. It is also a good equipment that you can use to help your kids to exercise. Your kids need to develop balance and to be physically fit even at a very young age. Using climbers can definitely help.

The previous months were not so desirable for leisure activities. You cannot allow your kids to play outside when it’s raining. But since the month of May is fast approaching, kids can now enjoy more sunny days where they can have more time to play around. With the coming of warm months, parents can either take their kids to local parks or they may set-up their own playground in their backyard.

Important Things to Consider

In finding items to put in the playground, you have to take extra precautions. Remember that above anything else, the safety of your children is of paramount importance. Preschool kids with age 2 to 5 years old and elementary school children ages 5-12 enjoy playing with their friends, climb up and down and move around. This age group also has a short attention span. As such, your kids need activities where they get the chance to further develop their motor skills.

What is an Ideal Play Area?

The kind of play area suitable for a particular age bracket varies. For preschool kids, there is an ideal kind of playground that suits them well. One of which is the linked play structure. Keep that in mind that when you need to create a playground that would fit the needs of your kids. Make sure that the size is proportional to that of the age bracket of your children. For instance, you can include the following: small slides, crawl tunnels, play spaces and a whole lot more. You can also add decks proportional to your kids’ height. Using these activities, you allow your kids to enhance their motor skills.

You can also create independent play activities where your kids can have role playing activities. Some of the things you can add in the playground can include: spring riders, talk tubes and climbers that have unique themes. You can also add wall clusters which can also be used for learning purposes.

In finding the right landscape structures for preschool kids, you can use any of the following: decks, spring riders, tunnel slides, activity panels, poly slides, bridges and ramps, low swings and balance beams. Since you are dealing with climbers, the landscaping should be thicker, up to one foot from the ground.

Kids age 2 to 5 years old still lack social skills with other kids. They may encounter conflicts with other kids. In creating a playground, you help them find a safe place where they can further develop their skills. They can play, enjoy and learn many things. This is one good way for you to allow your kids to explore on their own without comprising their safety.


Chin-Up Bar

Chin-Up Bar


Hand Ring Climber

Hand Ring Climber


Rainbow Climber

Rainbow Climber


Balance Beam Playground structure
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