Qitele Factory Playground equipment


 Qitele is a respected, ASTM- and IPEMA-certified manufacturer known throughout the international community for producing a variety of playground equipment an

Playground Equipment at Factory Prices


Factory Direct offers direct access to the consumer for all types of playground equipment and play structures. Our easy access to swings, riding toys seesaws, and more mean that our consumers enjoy a fantastic selection of high quality playgro

Buy Seesaws Direct From The Factory


Seesaws, also called teeter-totters, have entertained children for generations. Classic versions of this playground staple consisted of little more than a long wooden plank with a couple of metal handles bolted to each end. This simple design, combin

Playground Climbers at Discounted Prices


Climbing playground structures. All kids love to climb. It started with trees and now almost every playground has multiple climbing walls, ropes, ladders and all types of climbers for the kids to test their skill and gain playful feelings of accompl

Playground Landscape Timbers Factory Direct


In order to attract visitors, public playgrounds have to offer something more than just jungle gyms and swing sets. They must also be well maintained, with particular attention paid to keeping the play structures in good working order and the grounds

Buy Merry Go Rounds, Merry Go Cycle, Circle Cycle From Factory Direct


Merry Go Cycle is a safer version of merry go rounds suitable for up to ten years old, but are recommended for kids 2 - 5 years of age. The merry go cycle is also referred to as the

Factory Direct Commercial Playground Parts


Damaged playground equipment is hazardous to all park visitors and must be dealt with immediately. When emergency repairs are necessary, you don't have time to search high and low for compatible replacement parts; you want to be able to find exactly

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