Merry Go Cycle

Merry-Go-Cyle / Circle Cycle the New Merry-Go-Rounds for Playgrounds and Backyards

In every park or playground, there is always a merry-go-round although this is commonly found in amusement parks. Even adults now got the chance to enjoy the experience of riding the merry-go-round when they were still young. The feeling of moving around fast adds thrill and adventure to the ride. However, along with the fun that kids can get when they ride merry-go-rounds is the fact that there are safety concerns that need to be properly addressed. Old merry-go-rounds are risky in the sense that the design can endanger young kids. As such, playground designers need to come up with ways in order to improve playground merry-go-rounds and to address safety concerns.

The Danger of Old Merry-Go-Round Designs

Merry-go-rounds are fun but there is also a danger especially if we are considering the old designs. When the equipment rotates faster, those who are riding the merry-go-round need to have a strong hold of the post. As the speed goes faster, it gets more difficult to grasp. Even if we are talking about a large merry-go-round, there is still danger if the velocity is way too fast. This is where an accident can occur especially if kids are left on their own to play.

There were already cases before where kids ended up being hurt because they failed to hold on to the posts as the merry-go-round rotated faster. Until now, there are unfortunate incidents that may happen. Officials and designers now have to come up with a design that will address this concern.

Safety Guidelines

New designs of merry-go-rounds need to follow the safety guidelines. These specifications are stipulated in the Public Playground Safety Handbook. For instance, toddlers cannot have merry-go-rounds. In terms of the technical specifications, merry-go-rounds’ maximum height should not exceed 14 inches above the ground for preschoolers. For kids age 5 to 12 years old, the height should not exceed 18 in. There should also be no holes in the rotating platform. The platform should also be disk shaped.

New Merry-Go-Round Designs: The Merry Go Cycle

The new designs for merry-go-rounds is the merry go cycle / circle cycle. However, the different is that newer designs have to follow the safety guidelines set forth by the CPSC, the government and even insurance companies. There are added safety options that designers and creators can include. Newer merry-go-cycle can have overhead rings. There can also be a spinning hole. Instead of using seats where kids need to ride on them, the teacup design is widely preferred. This lessens the risk of kids losing balance in merry-go-cycle. What's more the 5 seat Merry Go Cycle teaches the kids team work and cooperation as all 5 kids will have to peddle together. Factory Direct Playground (direct from the factory) offers merry go rounds designed for both young (2-5 years) and old children (5-12 years).

Our Merry Go Cycle and Mini Merry Go Cycle provide kids between the ages of 2-5 with the wonderful feeling and the sense of riding a bicycle, while our manufactured portable Teacup Spinner, which can be easily stored after play, will delight children aged 3-8. Any amusement park, school playground or day care or grandparent backyard will not be complete without merry-go-cycle. Both kids and even adults enjoy riding this ever famous ride. But just before you decide to put a merry-go-cycle, you have to make sure that you follow the safety guidelines. It is more important to consider the safety of the kids.

Merry Go Cycle

Merry Go Cycle


Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round


Mini Merry Go Cycle
Tiny Tot Spinner

Tiny Tot Spinner


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