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When setting up a playground primarily for preschool kids, exceptional care must be taken into consideration. Above anything else, this is the most important aspect that you have to consider. In as much as you want your children and their playmates to enjoy, you also have to factor in their safety on slides and swings. In putting up your own playground, you can add set of playground equipment that are suitable to your kids’ age bracket.

Purchase Uniquely Designed Slides

There are a lot of beautiful slides that will surely attract preschool kids. The models and the designs vary. For sure, your kids would love them. Whenever you visit any park or playground, it will never be complete without any slide. A playground bare of slides can hardly be called a playground at all. The slide is the first structure that children run to when they are in a park. As such, adding slides to your own playground can add fun.

You can select different sizes of slides to fill your playground landscape such as freestanding slides. In choosing freestanding slides, you have two options. There are freestanding slides for toddlers and there are also freestanding slides for preschool kids. For older kids, a super slide is more suitable.

Slide and Gym

Your kids enjoy playing hide and seek. Finding a playground equipment that can help them do these activities is important. One great structure is the slide and gym. This is a nice slide with powder coated steel. Since it is made of polyethylene plastic, you can be sure that it can withstand different weather conditions. At least, you can have a value for money slide. This slide is suitable for kids with age ranging from to 2 to 3 years old.

The Super Slide

Older kids enjoy more adventuresome activities. In adding a slide, you can opt to have the super slide with has a double wall construction. This slide adds more fun to the previous type of slide. Made of powder coated steel, you can definitely expect that this slide can last for a longer period of time. In using a super slide, the use of zone is recommended (36’ x 15’). Super slides are recommended for kids age 5 to 12.

Help Your Kids Develop Their Skills

Setting up a playground for your kids will entail costs and even time on your part. But considering the benefits, you can consider this as an investment. After all, having your own playground at the backyard adds aesthetic value to your home. When you have a playground, your kids are safe. They do not have to go elsewhere just to play and have fun. They can just invite their friends or playmates to come over.

Apart from that, you can also help your kids develop certain skills. These slides enable them to socialize with other kids. This is one skill which enables your children to interact and get along with other kids of the same age. They get to develop their motor skills by having these slides.


Large Tree House Slide
Small Tree House Slide
Super Slide

Super Slide


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