Kids just love to have fun and play with their friends. When the sunny days are just around the corner, they would love to be outdoors. You can either take them to a nearby park or you can also invest and start to build your own playground. Having a small playground in your backyard can be a nice thing especially if you have many kids. Instead of going to another place, you can just invite their friends or their school mates in your place. There are several set of playground equipment that you can add to the suggestion list. Depending on the budget, the allotted space and also the needs of your children, you will not have a hard time in finding the best pieces that you can put in the playground.

In public parks and playgrounds, you often see various kinds of seesaws. Without a doubt, seesaws are the most popular playground equipment. For sure, you experienced riding a seesaw when you’re still young. Even when kids appreciate modern gadgets today, they are still eager to socialize and play. Among the different playground equipment that you can add, you cannot miss out seesaws.

Seesaws are based on the lever and fulcrum design. With a seesaw, your kids can have a lot of fun. There are now several kinds of seesaws sold in the market. From creative designs to seesaws that can accommodate more than one person, you can just select which one suits your choice.

Rocking Horse Seesaw
Rocking horse seesaws are widely popular among kids. We all know how they seriously want to ride horses. But since they cannot do it, you might as well provide a way to make them feel as if they are riding a real horse. The best way is to get a rocking horse seesaw. In the market, there are uniquely designed rocking horse seesaws that your kids would surely love.

Classic Seesaw
Apart from rocking horse seesaws, you can also opt to have the classic version. Classic seesaws are preferred by some because of its design. Children age 2 to 5 can ride these classic seesaws. To complete your playground, you can add a classic seesaw.

Things to Consider
In buying rocking horse or classic seesaws, there are important considerations that you have to keep in mind. Above anything else, the safety of your kids is the most important thing. Make sure that you only purchase seesaws from credible, certified and quality sellers or designers. Even if these seesaws are created for leisure purposes, you can never be certain as to what might happen especially since kids are too playful. For their safety, you need to find seesaws that are designed and created to address the safety needs of kids.

Since you will invest in seesaws, it is also important to consider the materials being used. Find products that have coated finishes. Purchase seesaws that have welded steel frames. At least, you can be sure that the items you will purchase can last for a longer period of time.


Rocky Horse See Saw
See Saw

See Saw


Spyder Ryder

Spyder Ryder


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